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Where to start!

Realistically I don't even know how or where to start, But I'll give it a shot with this. A citizen of the United States of America exercizing his second amendment rights is singled out at a meeting where the anointed one was to speak on his health care reform agenda.

If you watch the video you will see that the journalists are SHOCKED to learn that not only does this man have the balls to make good use of his rights but he's also doing so near a place that the president will be attending. Now I understand that anyone no matter how clean of a record they might have and regardless of how well dressed they may be, There would naturally be some concern in this situation. But for the journalist to first ask why a gun is present and then to go on and ponder why "all the layers in New Hampshire" can't suspend this man and everyone else's 2A rights for the day? I'm sure what he really means is why not forever...

As if that wasn't enough, the huffington post ran a second story later on with a video from MSNBC who interviewed the gentleman who was carrying.

Not only does this reporter berate the man over his constitional right and choice to open carry, He also talks over him most of the time and asks questions without giving him much of a chance to answer them. He also attempts to paint him as a "birther" early on, Anyone with half a brain can see he's picking the guy for something to make him look like a loony. He is unfortunatly unable to and continues on with his tirade against him. Chris Matthews even gets so upset with him that he curses him for "bringing a god damn gun".

I for one salute this man for standing out in the crowd, for taking a huge chance regardless of his constitutional rights and the rights he reserves as a citizen of NH. He handled himself well with Chris Matthews. Hopefully we see more great things involving him in the news soon!

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