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Life has been falling apart slowly, Now just like flight 447 it's nose diving into the deep blue ocean. There is hope though. The ocean has a floor, An end. I fear however since I've yet to crash.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Fast approaching 26 years of age, A new chapter in my life is beginning. My grandfather James A. Kelly served in the Army air corp. during WW2 as a rear gunner on a B-24 bomber, After the war he was in the motor pool. My brother and his wife are both currently enlisted in the USAF, They've both been to war and have returned safely.

I'm currently unemployed and the prospects of a halfway decent paying job in my area is slim. Ever since I was 18 in 2001 just months before 9/11 occured, I'd toyed with the thought of enlisting into the service. Why haven't I? Well... A lot of reasons. None of them really for me now that I think of it.

Family, My Mother is against it since she already has one son in. My Father feels the same I'm sure but he has not said one way or another. Then there's my friends and my strong ties to my current location. But what really keeps me from making that commitment? Fear, I'm scared to do it. But like any fear that I've felt in my life I worked my way through it and get things done.

A couple months ago I contacted an online chat recruiter for the Air national guard. He and I discussed some stuff and he took my info to pass onto an actual (local) recruiter who is supposed to contact me. Strangely I still have not recieved a call from them.

This weekend my brother, Dan and his wife, Sherry came into town to visit. I always enjoy their company, I feel very lucky to have a sister in law who I'd rather call my sister because of how well we get along. I've spoke with them about my plans of enlisting, Perhaps I'll go full time into a different brance of the service if I like it. But joining the A.N.G would be a great start since mainly what I'd like to learn more about and do is done at the Camp Perry which is located within 35 miles of me. The Red Horse Squadron which does civil engineering, builds & rebuilds bases everywhere.

The best part about what they do is the fact that they're very closely tied to the USAF and the deployments of them. So chances are if I got deployed and either/both Dan & Sherry did as well, I'd end up near or at the same place as them!

I guess what I'm getting at is because of my current situation and getting older I'm ready to do what feels right to do, That and I'm used to an expendable income. This unemployment thing sucks ass. My expendable income is about $50 a month right now. And realistically all of that should goo towards bills. But I firmly believe life is meant to be lived.. Not just getting through it.

So Happy Memorial Day! Thank your closest military member for what they do and no matter what realize that someone else has it worse than you do.
I'll leave you with a couple photos of our denny's adventure last night.



You can't make this shit up... or can you?

A man with a history of violence was arrested on the Interstate-70 median last week after swinging a set of nunchucks in front of an officer with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. He was wearing a full-length trenchcoat and declared he was kicked off a bus in Silverthorne while on his way from Denver to Los Angeles.

The man said he had been “riding the bus when he saw a girl with the ‘swine flu’ and attempted to eliminate her by grabbing her throat,” according to the SCSO report. Another passenger hit the man and he was thrown off the bus before he got into a fight with a gang at a gas station in Silverthorne, the man said.

Authorities found the man after receiving a call that he was in the I-70 median waving his arms at cars and screaming. As the officer approached, the man turned his back, hiding his hands. When the man turned around, the officer spotted the nunchucks in his pants waistband.

Asked if he was carrying the weapon, the man responded: “Yeah, I am a karate master!” The man began to swing the nunchucks around his upper body.

The officer aimed a Taser X-26 at the man, decided he was too far away, and began reaching for his handgun. The karate master dropped the nunchucks and began to walk away. A knife and some marijuana was discovered on the man, in addition to the traditional Asian weapon.

En route to Summit County Jail, the man told the officer “that he was 468 years old, and was being hunted across the country by priests, nuns and monks,” according to the report. He said he had just gotten out of prison after a prior assault in which he was shot in the foot by Denver Police Department.

Although the man acknowledged that he’s prohibited from owning nunchucks in Colorado, he said he could just get another pair if the ones he was carrying were taken. He also talked to imaginary people while riding to the jail.

After the man was taken inside the jail, the officer inspected the back of the patrol car and found two .40 caliber handgun rounds. But no gun was found on the man or on the highway, and the man said he didn’t know where the rounds came from.

A background check showed assault, violence charges and several felony convictions in the past 10 years. The karate master was booked with charges of possession of a prohibited weapon, felony menacing, felony weapons possession by a previous offender and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Ninja you are not...

I bet he has lots of fun in jail using his extensive karate skills on all those criminals.

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States I've been to.

visited 12 states (24%)
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Perhaps I should wander into West Virginia one of these days... Oh and finally get out west and a bit further south!


As you may remember I attended the last DEAC and had a pretty good time. One of the photographers I worked with has notified me this morning that a photo from our shoot has been selected to be exhibited in the ARTUndressed tour, which kicks off in June and travels from Miami to Chicago to Dallas to Los Angeles to San Francisco and will later end up on permanent display in a museum down in Miami.

I'm pretty excited!

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It seems in the first three months of this year we have bought enough firearms to arm both the Chinese and Indian army! Since obama won the election Americans have bought 6,871,120 firearms of all types. Now how much ammo has been bought, Thats another story. I would bet that the fine upstanding citizens who bought a new firearm in this period has at least some ammo for it. But I know as well as other gunners that the shelves are nearly empty or are empty just about everywhere you go looking for ammo.

However, Maybe that'll send the proper message to gun grabbers. We may still not be the majority... but he who holds the gun makes the rules!

I leave you with a picture of a Mosin Nagant that belongs to a friend of mine, I've been storing it for him while he had to move out of his apartment because the owner is getting foreclosed on. Fine battle rifle and packs a hell of a punch! Oh and ammo is still cheap and easy to find. ;-)

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Story from the washingtontimes.com

President Obama's pick to head the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration raises a few red flags. If confirmed by the Senate, Chuck Hurley, CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, will drive motorists over the cliff with regulation.

The nation's traffic-safety czar has broad powers to control the roads and road-going habits of Americans. Mr. Hurley has a history of pushing laws that harass millions of law-abiding citizens to ensnare a few lawbreakers. He supports returning the 55 mph speed limit to our highways as well as roadblocks and random pullovers to make sure drivers aren't doing anything wrong. This methodology is based on a presumption of guilt - not innocence - of the average driver who is doing nothing wrong.
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Pickin apart the nonsense...

The antis just don't have common sense...
Lawmakers are trying to use the ongoing drug war in Mexico to build momentum to reinstate a ban on assault weapons, the head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) alleged Sunday.

“They’re trying to piggyback this whole issue on the back of this tragic issue in Mexico,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre argued Sunday morning on CBS.

LaPierre appeared on "Face the Nation" alongside Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D), a gun-control advocate, who called for the reinstatement of the ban, particularly in light of the shooting deaths of three Pittsburgh police officers earlier this month.

“There’s no rational reason we should allow people to possess semiautomatic assault weapons,” Rendell said. “I think the crime itself would have happened, but I think one officer, at least, would still be alive.”

Theres no rational reason why people should not be allowed to have fully automatic weapons without the damned special taxes and extra background checks! I think maybe one or all of the officers would be alive plus some of the immigrants too if some of the employees of the office had been armed. Instead they're stuck in NY where it's illegal to have a gun... I guess criminals don't obey laws.

LaPierre emphasized traditional NRA arguments that local authorities need to focus more on enforcing existing gun laws, and that reinstating the assault weapons ban would lead toward greater gun regulations.

“There is no functional difference at all between any of these so-called assault weapons… and any other gun,” the gun lobby chief said, warning that new regulations could lead to the criminalization of pump-action shotguns and some handguns.

The exchange, heated at times, ended on an odd note, with Rendell agreeing to ramp up prosecutions for violent criminals if LaPierre assented to a new gun rule.

“We’ll do that,” Rendell said of the prosecutions office. “But also, let’s you and I agree that the Congress can pass a law saying you can buy only one handgun a month.”

“That’s 12 a year,” the Pennsylvania governor said. “Who in God’s name needs 12 guns a year?”

No lets not agree to that. What good can a limit do on how many guns a person can buy? If anything it hurts the economy. The more a person buys from their local gun shop the more that owner and his employees have to spend on their personal lives.

Besides that whether a person buys 1 or 100 a month, A human only has 2 hands in which to hold a weapon. Limiting the law abiding citizens in any way (Those people who elected you to speak for them) will only result in unrest and legal battles upon any future restrictions you attempt to pass into law.